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A Workspace is a global configuration that contains all the relevant information about your Leapp setup (sessions, integrations, app preferences, etc.).

There are two types of workspace: Local and Remote.


A Local workspace is the default workspace that comes with your Leapp installation. It's a private configuration that contains your personal preferences and all sessions and integrations that you created yourself.

A local workspace is associated to a single machine and if you need to migrate your configuration to another one you will have to do it manually.

Alternatively, you can use Remote workspaces.


A Remote workspace is a Leapp Team configuration set created remotely by a Leapp Team manager.

When you sync a remote workspace, you will receive sessions and integrations automatically, without having to configure them yourself.

A remote workspace is persisted online by using Zero-Knowledge encryption.

You will have access to the same configurations instantly on any machine, by logging in to your Leapp Team account after having been invited by your Leapp Team manager.


Both your local and remote workspaces are saved on your machine as encrypted files inside your /.Leapp directory.


The actions below only applies to Remote workspaces.

Action Description
Sign-in  Connect to a Remote workspace. This action will not switch your Local workspace
Switch  Switch to the selected workspace by clicking on its name in the workspace menu
Lock  Switch back to the Local workspace disabling all the Remote ones
Sign-out  Sign-out from a Remote workspace removing all your login details


The Lock action also removes the encrypted files associated to your remote workspaces.