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EC2 connect through AWS SSM

What is AWS EC2 Connect

Amazon EC2 Instance Connect is a simple and secure way to connect to your instances using Secure Shell (SSH). With EC2 Instance Connect, you can control SSH access to your instances using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies as well as audit connection requests with AWS CloudTrail events.

How To configure AWS EC2 Connect in Leapp


If your Leapp Desktop App is warning you that you're missing the AWS Session Manager Plugin, please install it following this official guide.

You can directly connect to an AWS EC2 instance from Leapp through AWS System Manager (AWS SSM).


To setup SSM follow this SSM guide on AWS guide.

example image from AWS
example image from AWS

To correctly connect follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on a suitable AWS session to open the contextual menu.
  2. Click on View SSM sessions.
  3. Select the AWS region in which your instance is located.
  4. Wait for Leapp to load your instances.
  5. Select the instance and click connect.
  6. Wait for the terminal to open.
  7. Focus the terminal window and write /bin/bash; press Enter and you'll be inside the terminal of your instance.

Video tutorial


If the user is not granted the right permissions, the operation will fail and Leapp will throw an error message.