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Export PRO Workspace

How to export your Pro Workspace

  1. create a backup of your ~/.Leapp/Leapp-lock.json file;
    // From ~/.Leapp directory run the following command:
    cp Leapp-lock.json Leapp-lock.json.bkp
  2. log into you Pro Workspace using the Desktop App;

  3. from the Leapp Options "General" tab, click the button next to the "Export Pro/Team workspace" label;

  4. close the Leapp Options dialog;

  5. close Leapp (on macOS ⌘+Q);
  6. you should see a Leapp-lock.json.exported file in the ~/.Leapp folder;
  7. remove the Leapp-lock.json file and rename Leapp-lock.json.exported to Leapp-lock.json;
    rm Leapp-lock.json
    mv Leapp-lock.json.exported Leapp-lock.json
  8. re-open Leapp;
  9. switch to the Local Workspace;
  10. you should now see your Pro Workspace migrated into the Local one.