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Leapp is built with a security-first approach. Every information that has to be persisted is encrypted and saved on your workstation.

We devised two main methods to store data, based on its sensitiveness.

Data Persistence and encryption Examples
Operational All information used to make Leapp work, not strictly tied to direct access to cloud environments. Stored and encrypted in a configuration file within the user workspace. Named profiles, proxy configurations, etc.
Sensitive Information that can be used, or potentially exploited, to gain access to cloud environments. Stored in the System Vault, leveraging its own integrated encryption. Static credentials, access tokens, cached data, etc.

End-to-end Encryption

We leverage Zero-Knowledge to provide end-to-end encryption on tiers that require to save your data outside of your workstation to deliver specific features.

Zero Knowledge is designed so that no one, except you, can access your secured data.


We CAN'T access your data under any circumstances, even if you ask us to!