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Configure Azure integration

Our Leapp integration refers to Azure Tenant which is a dedicated and trusted instance of Azure AD.

The tenant is automatically created when your organization signs up for a Microsoft cloud service subscription.

These subscriptions include Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, or Microsoft 365.

An Azure tenant represents a single organization and can have multiple subscriptions.

Please refer to How to find your Azure Active Directory tenant ID and other Azure AD documentation for more information.


For azure-cli users with version < 2.30.0: Leapp no more support this version of the CLI. Please update to a newer version.

To create a new Azure Integration go to the left sidebar of Leapp Desktop and click on the "+" icon. A new modal will be presented with the following option to compile. After submitting the new Integration and have logged into your Azure Portal, Subscriptions will be automatically retrieved and mapped into Leapp Azure Sessions.


Field Description
ALIAS Your friendly integration name in Leapp. Give it a meaningful name so it will be easier to find inside Leapp.
TENANT ID A tenant ID identifies a tenant. You can have multiple clients on a given tenant database.
LOCATION The Azure datacenters are located around the world in strategic places that best meet the customer demands. These areas are known as Azure locations. Specific services requires the user to select a specific location. The value is retrieved from your default location in general options.

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