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General Options

Once you opened the Leapp option menu - which can be accessed by clicking the top right gear icon - you can edit the following settings in the General tab

Default Regions

This option allows you to set the default AWS or Azure region/location for every new session.

Each time you create a new session, this will be the default region assigned to it.

You can still change it if you need a different one, by selecting a different region while creating the session or by changing the region once a session is created.

Terminal Selection

This option is used to select the terminal in which to open an SSM session.


This setting is currently only available on MacOS. If you want to contribute and add a new terminal for a specific OS, please refer to the contributing guide

Color Theme

Leapp now comes with a slick new Dark Theme!

With this option, you can switch between light and dark theme, or use your system default.

Default Webconsole Duration

This option is used to set the default Webconsole session duration in hours.


The minimum session duration is 1 hour, and can be set to a maximum of 12 hours. Set session duration