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Azure credentials generation

Azure generates a set of access and refresh tokens that are put inside accessTokens.json inside .azure directory. Following is the procedure used to generate a set of credentials.

Access strategy - start session

if accessTokens.json is not present Leapp runs az login —tenant <tenant_id> 2>&1, otherwise accessTokens.json file is parsed and Leapp extracts the access tokens array.

if access token - corresponding to the specific tenant - exists, we extract it or else we run az login.

if access token is expired we run az account get-access-token --subscription <subscription-id>.

Finally az account set —subscription <subscription-id> 2>&1 and az configure —default location <region(location)> are run.

Refresh token is deleted from the accessTokens.json file

Access strategy - rotate session

  • same as start session

Access strategy - stop session

We run az account clear, and we set session's status to INACTIVE.


Leapp enhances security by forcingly refresh access token every 20 minutes and by removing refresh token from the file.

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