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This section provides an overview of Leapp's integrations, useful to extend the functionality of Leapp to 3rd party services.

Integrations help manage access and identities on your preferred service of choice and use Leapp on your daily activities by automatically mapping them into Sessions.

Integrations help manage access and identities on your service of choice while using Leapp during your daily activities. They are automatically mapped into Sessions.


Integrations have four main actions available: Create, Delete, Sync, and Logout.

Action Description
CREATE Configure a new Integration with the data needed to start the authentication flow. Required to Sync and map the service response into Sessions.
DELETE Remove an existing Integration. Removes all the associated Sessions as well and wipes everything related to the Integration from the system (tokens, cache, etc.)
SYNC Start the authentication flow to log into the Integration Provider. Leapp will automatically retrieve all the related data and map the response into Sessions. Any change in your service of choice requires a manual Sync to reflect the current status.
LOGOUT Disable the Integration. Removes all the Sessions but keeps the Integration data. Running a Sync will restore all the Sessions tied to it.

Supported Services

Service Supported
Okta Coming Soon
OneLogin Coming Soon
AzureAD Coming Soon
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