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Install Leapp

Install Leapp App

MacOS, Windows, and Linux

You can install Leapp by downloading the pre-built binaries for your OS on the website release page

Download Leapp

Unzip the package and double-click the executable to install.

macOS (Homebrew) & Linux (Linuxbrew)

Leapp can also be installed on macOS or Linux via Homebrew Cask with:

$ brew install leapp


In addition, Leapp can also be installed with Linuxbrew on Windows via WSL

Install Leapp CLI

You can install Leapp CLI from npm, installing it as a global package.

$ npm install -g @noovolari/leapp-cli

On macOS, you can install Leapp CLI through a Homebrew Formula:

$ brew install Noovolari/brew/leapp-cli


$ brew tap Noovolari/brew && brew install leapp-cli

All the available commands are listed in the Leapp CLI section of the documentation.


Leapp CLI will works only if the Desktop App is installed and running.