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System Vault

Information that can be used, or potentially exploited, to gain access to cloud environments are stored your workstation's System Vault, leveraging its own integrated encryption. The user can access the secrets stored in the System Vault at any time, using their user password.

Leapp uses Keytar as an interface to the secure vault on macOS, Windows and Linux systems.

Every key is stored in the vault under the name Leapp, in the description you will find the underlying name used by Leapp to retrieve the secret.

Supported System Vaults

OS System Vault
MacOS Keychain
Windows Credential Vault
Linux API/Libsecret


We're currently supporting only System Vaults installed by default on the OS. We're planning on extending support to other vaults and online password managers (LastPass, BitWarden, 1Password, etc.). If you'd like other services to be supported feel free to open an Issue or make a Pull Request (check our contributing guidelines).

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