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Install Leapp

Install Leapp App

MacOS, Windows, and Linux

You can install Leapp by downloading the pre-built binaries for your OS on the website release page

Download Leapp

Unzip the package and double-click the executable to install.

macOS (Homebrew) & Linux (Linuxbrew)

Leapp can also be installed on macOS or Linux via Homebrew Cask with:

brew install leapp


In addition, Leapp can also be installed with Linuxbrew on Windows via WSL

Install Leapp CLI

You can install Leapp CLI by downloading the library from npm globally.

All the available commands are listed in the Leapp CLI section of the documentation.

npm install -g @noovolari/leapp-cli


Leapp CLI will works only if the Desktop App is installed and running.

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