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How to create a IAM User Access Method for AWS

If this is your first time accessing Leapp please follow this guide.

1) From your quick list click on the "+" button located on the top-right corner of the app

You'll be presented with the Provider Selection screen:

2) Choose "AWS" as a Cloud Provider, than you'll be presented with the Access Strategy selection screen:

Select "IAM User" as the Access Strategy.

3) As the last screen you'll be presented with the actual account creation screen:

  • Session Alias: choose a unique name suitable to recognize the Access Method.
  • MFA Device: Get it from your IAM User if any: check for its role ARN or if from a physical device its serial number.

  • Region: The AWS Region you want your credentials to work on.

  • Access Key / Secret Key: get the credentials from your IAM User.

Here you can also set a new MFA device by clicking on "Manage" in the AWS console at the voice Assigned MFA device. IF an MFA arn is inserted in the form field, then Leapp will ask for MFA token before trying to generate temporary credentials.

Finally press Save.

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