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What's a Pro Workspace

A Pro Workspace is a new Workspace that is created upon first login with your registered Pro User. This workspace is synchronized with your Cloud account every time you create, edit, or delete an integration or a session; this way it is possible to use Leapp Pro on different devices, maintaining all your saved integrations and sessions.

How the Synchronization works

Synchronization works by encrypting all your sessions and integrations with your master password, created during your sign-up process. This way we maintain a 0-knowlegde approach on your data through all the lifecycle of your Pro workspace.

The encrypted data is then saved in the Cloud on your Leapp Pro personal space.

You, as a Leapp Pro user, can always keep an eye on the status of synchronization using the synchronization widget in the bottom-left area of Leapp.

Synchronization widget - synchronization active and done
Synchronization widget - synchronization active and done

When all the data is correctly synchronized you'll see the image above.

When Leapp Pro is synchronizing you'll see the icon and text changing to the one in the image below.

Synchronization widget - synchronization in progress
Synchronization widget - synchronization in progress

If you eventually lose connection or have a problem in synchronizing your data the widget will turn yellow as shown below.

Synchronization widget - synchronization failed
Synchronization widget - synchronization failed

You have the possibility to manually trigger another synchronization process and see if the problem is resolved.


When Leapp Pro is restarted it will try to synchronize your data in the Cloud if you're logged in, so you can also close Leapp safely even if in synch failed state.

Do you have any trouble with Synchronization

In case of any troubles locking Leapp Pro workspace please contact us.