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Update Leapp

Leapp checks every 10 minutes (counting from application start) that a new version is available. If so, a dialog message will pop up and show version number, release date and changelog

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 10 45 58

In this modal, a user has the ability to:

Leapp will shut down the modal, notify the user that a new update is available by changing the Tray icon (adding a red dot) Screenshot_2021-05-04_at_10 28 21 (1). Now users will not be bothered anymore until the next release is available. This option is suitable for users that want to stick to a specific version. Note that you can do this for every version and maintain the one you prefer.

Leapp will open the Release URL in your default browser to let the User manually download the release for the specific OS and install it.

Leapp will close the modal and another one will appear in 10 minutes.

macOS (Homebrew), Linux (Linuxbrew) and Windows (via WSL)

Leapp can also be updated via Homebrew Cask with: brew upgrade leapp

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